June 11, 2009

Zombina ate her brains!

I received one of my re-ment packages today, so I had fun looking through everything and playing with the little pieces.

Until I get a roombox built, I really can't display much. But, with a few minutes of my time, I put together a small scene and was laughing the entire time.

Tomorrow, I should receive the kitchen/stove unit, the refrigerator, and a few other small boxes of re-ment miniatures.

Keep an eye out, because I'm sure that I'll have lots of interesting photos to share.

♥ Melissa


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I have found a new obsession... Boopsiedaisy dolls. She makes the BEST dolls ever. They are cute, original, and smell like pure euphoria. You can see the attention that Boopsie pays to detail, and she always seems to find a way to outdo herself.

In this photo, 4 of the 6 dolls now belong to me. As soon as I receive them, I will definitely post photos. From left to right, I have the first 4. The ballerina is the only doll currently available, so be sure to pick it up ASAP in her shop!

These dolls will make a great addition to Zombina and Spidora!

I ♥ Boopsie!



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I have been having a BLAST putting up new photos and new shelving in my home. My husband and I live in a small 2.5 bedroom [somehow, there's a small room with no closet, but it's big enough for my sewing area], 1 bath home. Our entire home has 2 closets [one in each bedroom] and a small corner closet in the bathroom. We really have no storage room. :(

So, with all of the new shelving I'm putting up, I'm able to display more of my treasures that were once boxed up and put away. I came across these tins and a little kewpie doll that are happy to be out and about. I have 2 Tootsie Pop tins, 1 Sugar Daddy, and 1 Now & Later. They are so adorable.

I also made myself leave the house yesterday to go look around at some thrift shops. I've been holing myself up, and I'm rather enjoying it. For the past 2-3 years, I have burned myself out trying to work 55 hours a week and do everything else that is expected of me. I love to work and do things, but I find that I volunteer myself far too often and now I'm done. I just can't go anymore. Couple that with the recent addition of Yaz to my life [to help regulate horomones], and I feel like a complete whack-job right now. Yikes.

Anyway, these are the small things that make me happy. The items that remind me of being a kid. The trips on my bike to the store at the end of the street to get my mom a pack of cigarettes and myself a 5 cent pack of Now & Laters. I'll be 28 this year and it's weird to think that I can now tell stories like that, haha.

♥ Melissa

June 7, 2009

A view into my home...

Here is a look into my living room [and how it came to look the way it does].

I had time this weekend to finally frame a bunch of prints. Primarily, I get most of my art from Etsy and I love it that way. Nothing makes me happier than to decorate and colorize my home from fellow Etsy artists.

My biggest collection is from Pinkytoast, and a few months ago I was lucky enough to purchase a Pinkytoast original. I have wanted an original for YEARS, and things just so happened to go my way. [Photos below]

[ABOVE]: Corner #1 of my living room. White couch is a hand-me-down. Red couch, lamp, green rug, and laptop table are from Ikea. Coffee table and end table is from EQ3. Prints on back wall are from Matty8080. Blue clock is from EQ3 and print beneath is from Stoopidgerl.

Corner #2 of my living room. A glimpe of my Pinkytoast wall above the TV. I still have a few more that need to be framed, but I have to get more frames.

My husband and I live in a small mill/farm house that has been slightly remodeled on the outside. When we moved in, we replaced the floors, painted every single wall, added lots of color, and put our personal touches in the rooms. It's really amazing what you can do with just a little bit of paint and patience!

Corner #3 of my living room. More Pinkytoast prints, some personal photos, and doorways into our bedroom, kitchen, and the spare room which is our "computer room".

As I said before, this is a small house. 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, a small bonus room that is my sewing room, decent sized kitchen, and a laundry room. The walls were originally wood paneling, so we used Kilz to prime the walls, and many coats of paint. That, alone, totally changed the feel of the home.

Corner #4 of my living room. Red couch from Ikea. Circle canvas painted by my husband. Built in shelves originally had UGLY glass doors on them. We removed the glass doors, painted the inside of the shelves the same as the trim, and filled them with Books and our GIGANTIC movie collection.

Medium sized green shag rug pulls everything together, I think! ♥

Now that you have had a look into my living room, I would like to share closer photos the recent additions of artwork [as mentioned earlier in this post].

[ABOVE]: 8x8" print from Stoopidgerl. One of my favorite print purchases!

[ABOVE]: Pinkytoast prints. Larger piece is an original.
I hope you enjoyed the look into my living room. I hope to continue this with each and every room. I love to share where I find things. Also, I have so much in my home that is handmade and I am so proud of myself for that!
♥ Melissa

New Etsy Listings

I've been a hermit lately. In doing so, I've been trying to do a lot more sewing... trying to relax. Below are a few of the new listings you will find in my shop! :)

♥ Melissa

New hair.

I change my hair color on a regular basis. In the past year, my hair has been black, white, green, and pink.

I've always loved red hair, but red dye and I do not get along. Plus, I'm generally too lazy to keep it touched up. While searching online for the best red hair dye, I came across Loreal HiColor in RED. I then realized that a friend, Xiane had recommended that very color.

Since the color is formulated for dark hair, it did a great job on mine! The total cost was less than $10 [you have to buy the color and the developer]. I do have a few black streaks that were not touched by the color, but those are pieces that were previously dyed black and have yet to grow out. Every piece of my natural hair, however, is very very red! I'm impressed and so very happy to finally have a PERMANENT red red hair dye.

♥ Melissa

June 6, 2009

$1 Frames!

I love buying art on Etsy, and recently, started aquiring a huge collection of ACEOs. However, one problem remained: how to display them.

After leaving work yesterday, I stopped by Dollar Tree to have a look around. Walked by the frames, and saw tons of frames that were made to hold three 2.5" x 3.5" photos. FOR $1. I bought 6 frames, filled them up with ACEOs, and called Bo to have him pick up 12 more frames. Most of these will be on display in my sewing room due to the lack of space on walls in the other rooms. So far, I have displayed a few in the living room and kitchen.

[ABOVE]: A trio of ACEOs in my living room. Top and bottom ACEO from Stoopidgerl and middle ACEO from Boopsiedaisy

[ABOVE]: Left set of ACEOs from Dadadreams and the other two are from Boopsiedaisy
I love the way ACEOs look in these frames. More photos to come as I frame the others!
♥ Melissa

June 3, 2009


For those who know me, it is a FACT that I love being a kid from the 80s. If I could, I would go back and relive those times all over again. Seriously, the 80s had the best toys and cartoons.

Last Friday, I started reminiscing about all the toys I had as a kid. A certain clear vinyl Rainbow Brite umbrella came to mind. This prompted a search on Ebay for that umbrella, but nothing was found. However, during my search, an UNOPENED 1983 Rainbow Brite doll appeared and had 1 day left of bidding. I put in my max bid and received an email over the weekend that I had won the auction for $29. YES, $29! The original price sticker is still on the box. I am so happy and excited about this doll [and I promise NOT to open it].

Soon, I'll try to document all of my toys. I have an extensive collection and I'm lucky to have a room just for my craziness [my crafty/sewing/toy room].

Which toys did you love as a kid? Do tell!