May 16, 2007

Coffin Color Mineral Makeup!

Xiane ( and I have been slaving over the past 4 months to get our Coffin Color Mineral Makeup ready for Etsy and upcoming events. Here is text from our Etsy shop ( that might give you a better idea of what we're about!

Staffed by two bitchin' horror-rock-lovin' babes - Melissa and Xiane - Coffin Color is here to give YOU a chance to deck yourself out in natural, mineral eyeshadows that break through the norm. We like LOUD and CRAZY and FUN color and we want you to know it!

Hand blended by us in our dark secret labs 50,000 feet underground, we're the Mad Doctors of Makeup, here to add a finishing touch to your most ghoulishly rock-and-roll ensemble. Mineral makeup is natural, long-lasting, and gentle on your eyes - which makes it perfect to wear to clubs, rock shows, and your secret date with the Creature from the Black Lagoon. [it's practically waterproof!]

About us: Melissa is the mastermind of SnitchesGetStitches handbags and more - - where you can add to your street cred by purchasing rockin' bags, bandannas, wallets and more. Everything is designed and stitched by Melissa for long wear and maximum horrific fashion!

Xiane is your go-to girl for all-natural bath and body goodies. When you want to remove your Coffin Color makeup, get rid of club grime [or graveyard dirt!] or just pamper yourself before the next Rockabilly Hootenany, she's the one to turn to for your skin solutions! is the address for her store, - hell yeah!

Got questions? Just want to tell us about the latest horror flick you saw? Send us a convo and tell us all about it!

We are excited to have a portion of the colors now available on Etsy and more should be up within the next few days!

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