June 12, 2008

Making changes.

Slowly, but surely, we have been aquiring new furniture. Bo and I have been living together for 7 years [married for 4]. We have purchased a bed, dining table, coffee table, and end tables. Recently, I found a great buy on a Clik-Clak Sofa Futon for $199. Even though it's a futon, I love it. It looks so much better than the country blue, oversized sofa that we aquired when we moved into this house. Also, we just purchased a Bossa TV Unit from EQ3. It definitely looks better than the ultra-ginormous entertainment center that we received as a wedding gift from my mom.

Next month we will be replacing our crappy, blown-own-white television. We found an LG plasma unit for a great price.

We also [finally] found a place for the Matty8080 zombie prints that we ordered a few weeks ago. I'll take a photo soon. We still need to find a place for 2 new Miss Van prints and 2 Pinky Toast prints. Buying art [especially on Etsy] is great.

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