June 17, 2008

New items added!

Finally! I finished the packaging and final touches to some of the jewelry pieces for my shop. Most necklaces are $18 and earrings are $12. I'm really excited about these pieces. Trust me, my husband and I are working on more, much more!

I purchased colored zippers (which I have never used... only black zippers) from KungFuCowgirl to use in my zip pouches. I should start listing more of them very soon. I am going to offer two sizes now. One size will be the normal size that I have always carried and the other will be smaller (only slightly) and perhaps more square. I haven't created the pattern yet. By the way, the lady at KungFuCowgirl is ultra sweet.

I also plan to have new bags. I have new ideas and can't wait to sew them. Which reminds me... I went to Hobby Lobby the other day [since I was in the area]. I was running low on the Pellon Peltex 70 that I use in some of my items. I took the bolt to the counter to have it cut and the price tag showed $7.99/yd. Umm, what? I said nevermind to the guy. I know I've been out of it for a few months, but seriously, that stuff was $2.50 at MOST earlier this year. I'm going to Mary Jo's to see if their price has increased that much before I decide to take another course and try something new. At that rate, I'd have to increase the price of my bags 30%. That's not going to happen.

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