June 19, 2008

New rings and new packaging.

Here is a small sample of the rings I have available and will have available shortly in my shop. I'm really excited about these. I plan on ordering another mold for an expansion of sizes. My husband and I have lots of fun making these!

I also created my own envelopes for the smaller items I will be shipping. I came up with a template and worked on it until I was happy with it. The envelopes are padded and I love being able to decorate the back. I was inspired to do this by Xiane [although, she probably doesn't know it]. She's been a great friend and has taught me a lot over the past year and a half. I owe her... a lot!

By the way, if anyone wants the template that I created, just ask. I can always just upload the template. It's really fast, cheap, easy, and fun to do!

I spent the a good portion of the day today [while at work] getting caught up on my Myspace account for Snitches Get Stitches. I worked on my Flickr account since I upgraded to Pro and can now upload more photos and have more sets. I'm doing as much as I can to get the word out. Now I just need to get my Twitter account up and running! ;)

Coffee date tomorrow with Xiane... hopefully. I always look forward to that.

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