June 12, 2008

The organization begins.

I spent yesterday "supply" shopping. It's always a bad idea when I go because I never know when to stop. I like it though! Michael's currently has a sale on these photo boxes at 3 for $5. I bought 15 of them and placed them in the built in shelf area in our living room. I actually like the way they look [just a burst of color] and it provides LOTS of storage room. I have everything from paper scraps to AV jacks in those boxes. Go, go, go... I think the sale ends Saturday.

I'm about to list another collage ACEO. I had so much fun making this one. Initially, it was to be titled "Keep your pimp hand strong". However, this title works just as well. This ACEO was made using watercolor paper, cardstock background, vintage image from damaged children's book, vintage image from a school health book, and a vintage quote from a psychology book. $6.00

I'm having a good day after I inadvertently broke our new printer. Oh, and "somehow" [I won't mention any names], our digital cable box quit working.

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