June 16, 2008

Weekend update [slightly late]

Friday, oh Friday. Xiane and I went to the coffee shop for energized chatter, crazy critter talk, and a scheduled online chat with members from our Etsy street team. Since Xiane has recently persuaded me to become addicted to Mochas, I can't STOP. Oh my god, I don't even want to think about the calories that I've been consuming from them in the past week.

I bought two critters from Adoptacritter. One was for myself and the other for Xiane. Seriously, they are the cutest, most awesome critters you'll ever find. We found out that our critters like to eat people... especially those that piss us off. We won't get into that here. Anyway, I always have a great time at the coffee shop with Xiane.

I have more to update with, but for now, I am busy at work. I will also be updating VERY SOON with some necklaces and rings that I will be introducing into my shop. Be excited... very excited.

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