June 23, 2008

The weekend

The weekend. Oh where do I begin.

Friday was spent with Xiane drinking coffee and acting extremely silly. Quoting movies and world domination... or something like that. I had a great time.

Saturday was spent with Xiane [again]. We went craft shopping, book shopping, and coffee sipping at Starbucks in Barnes & Noble. Instead of really talking to Xiane while drinking coffee, I stared quite childishly at the board game selection. I wish I could purchase each and every one of them. What a great selection. I'm glad she can put up with me at times like that.

Oh, and perler beads. I bought perler beads. I decided that I do not like perler beads. Nope. Another craft bit the dust.

Sunday I woke up to a phone call from my sister. She starts by "Don't you know xxxx xxxxx". I answer yes, quite confused. My sister and I do not know the same people. Quietly, she informs me that he ended his life the previous night. At first, disbelief. I tell Bo. He doesn't believe it. I tell her I'm calling [his] brother. Brother says it's true and they don't know why. Then, SHOCK. Disbelief comes in a few more times. Then it hits me and I cry. I cry for not being able to tell someone goodbye AGAIN this year. What's my luck? How do I lose [how does BO lose] two people in tragic means with no way of getting that one last moment. He was so young. He was so happy. He was our friend. I'm doing okay today despite this. Perhaps he really wanted it that way. Sometimes you just can't fight anymore. He will be missed. I'll definitely miss the days when his mom would take us to shows. Ha, that's actually funny to think about... I'm almost 27 now.

You know how they say you don't know how much you'll miss something until it's gone? Well, it's true. So very true. We didn't see each other so much over the past few years. Bo saw him quite frequently. He had many tattoos from Bo and had been getting tattooed from Bo since Bo started tattooing. I think it's awesome that he will forever have artwork from Bo. We still have the funeral. I will tell him goodbye then.

Just do me a favor. I know people say it all of the time in situations like this, but never ever take anyone for granted. Family -OR- friends. You really never know how much time you have left with that person.

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Xiane said...

That's why I tell you all the time that I think you're awesome. You hafta tell the people you love all that stuff, every time you think about it. It could be the last time you get to say it - although I KNOW that they know it, it never hurts to hear it. :)

You vetoed the perler beads? What didn't work for you? [well, at least that's one less craft tol be addicted to, right?]