October 30, 2008

Anniversary vacation awaits

Halloween day will make our 4th anniversary. About every other year, we make a trip to Asheville to spend a few days in the cabin to your left. It's tucked away in a little wooded area, but only a 5 minute drive to downtown. This is where we came for our honeymoon in 2004.

I met Bo in the summer of '99. I had graduated school, left home, and was living with some girl [that I regret doing] before I headed to college. Bo and I had mutual friends, but had somehow never managed to meet one another. I had always heard, "You should meet Bo, you'd really like him." for months. Well, while walking through Wal-Mart [yeah, I no longer go to Wal-Mart] I happened to see Dan and Bo just happened to be with him. I said hi, looked at some music [sucky selection, nonetheless] and walked off. I went off to college without seeing Bo again. I had been using IRC for a while, and found out that Bo also used IRC. We were on Efnet and he created #pimpchat for us to hang in, alone. We would talk, flirt, and spend hours upon hours online each day. I would go through periods where I absolutely HATED Bo. Time passed and I left school a year later. I moved back in with my parents and decided to call Bo. We started hanging out all the time. I'm stubborn and he's shy, so we never committed to a relationship. Our friends had to talk to us and basically tell us to start dating, so we did. A few months later, we moved in with one another. I realize that was fast, but you really have to know Bo and I. We're definitely not your "norm" couple. We lived together through financial troubles, shitty cars, crappy houses, etc. We were young and were trying our best to live on our own. Things started shaping up a few years later, and we decided to get married on October 31, 2004. We got married in a Masonic Lodge to a Methodist pastor that absolutely hated the idea of a Halloween wedding. Our wedding was completely DIY and cost about $100. Our rings were free, my mother-in-law made my dress, and we used Halloween decorations. Everyone dressed up and we had the coolest wedding ever.

We have been together since September 2000. [Photo taken May 2008]
I ♥ you Bo!

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Liquid said...

Congratulations on your anniversary!

What a lovely little cabin to retreat to.

I hope the years ahead bring much love and comfort to you both!

I'm going to enjoy following you as well!

Make it a wonderful day!