November 7, 2008

14/365 Leaves in driveway.

This is photo 14 of my 365 day journey.

I am particularly excited about this photo, because I found a great tutorial on doing fake TTV photos and this photo was my first attempt. Xiane and I are currently sitting at the coffee shop playing with our newly obtained skills.

View the tutorial here. I've played with layering photos before, but never like this. My husband has taught me a lot with Photoshop, but I seem to learn something new every time I use it.

In other news, my stomach still isn't right and I have so much to do. Tomorrow is our [Hornet's Nest Etsy Streem Team] monthly meeting and I am looking forward to it. Saturday night and Sunday will be spent finishing up a few pieces for the Indie Craft Experience show on November 15, then back to work in which I will have no time to do anything.

I also have LOTS of new bags in the making, but I can't force myself to finish them. On Christmas Day, I will be the proud owner of a brand new Bernina. I am so excited that the Kenmore has been pushed off to the side and sewing seems to have taken the back burner until my new pride and joy arrives. I had the opportunity to take a Mastery class for my "soon-to-be" Bernina, and I've barely touched my other sewing machine since. Basically, WHERE HAS THIS MACHINE BEEN ALL MY LIFE? It does things I didn't know were possible!

I hope everyone is doing well and I promise to be more productive once my stomach quits being a pain in my ass.

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