November 11, 2008

Wishlist for walls.

Christmas is approaching. My friends and husband say I'm the hardest [yet easiest] person to shop for. They never know what to get me even though I insist that ANYTHING makes me happy. I'm a simple girl, easily pleased, and cheap to boot. When Bo and I first started dating, he would bring me rings from the quarter machines at the sub shop he worked at. I thought they were the greatest gifts ever. I'm not a fan of expensive things [i.e. my wedding costs maxed out at about $100... seriously]. So why do people have such a hard time shopping for me? Make it ridiculous, make it silly, make it ME. Better yet, MAKE something for me.

And still, people will wonder, "What do I get Melissa for Christmas?" *sigh*

Out of boredom, I put together a small wishlist of things I want for my walls. My husband and I love to buy original art, prints, etc.

Tara McPherson rocks my world. I love everything she does, but I must admit, I love her gig posters the best. Even better than a Tara McPherson gig poster? A Tara McPherson gig poster for the Melvins! Not only is this poster awesomely cute, my husband is a huge Melvins fan and would love to have this adorn a wall in our home. Rock on, Tara, rock on.


Being an 80s child, I *LOVE* Ghostbusters. The cartoon, the movies, and the toys all hold a special place in my heart. You can only imagine my joy when I happened upon this photo/print from Boopsiedaisy. I have been an admirer of her shop for quite a while, but this just seals the deal with some extra super glue. This is definitely on my buy list for Christmas and it will hang proudly in my sewing room. There is a whole world of color waiting for you in Boopsiedaisy's shop, so go take a look... NOW.


I happened upon this photo while browsing Etsy a few weeks ago. The print is available from Etsy shop shehitpausestudios. I wish I could have every single print from their shop, but I see a future for this particular print in my living room close to my wonderful Miss Van giclee prints.


Oh PinkyToast! I have been buying from PinkyToast for over a year now. If I remember correctly, I have 3 PinkyToast prints and 3 pocket mirros. This print is going to make a great addition to the others and will go nicely in our living room. Her prints are professional quality and are very bright and colorful!


Rachel said...

whoa those prints are bad ass. i LOVE the melvins & ghostbusters prints. i'm like you, easy as hell to gift & i adore anything handmade, because it really really is the thought that counts.

Snitches Get Stitches said...


It's awesome that you find as much satisfaction in these prints as I do! :D

Xiane said...

I haven't seen shehitpause before! Woooooo I love that.

Of course your taste - as always - is totally kickass.

craft pig said...

I love everything!!
Hope Santa is good to you this year!