June 6, 2009

$1 Frames!

I love buying art on Etsy, and recently, started aquiring a huge collection of ACEOs. However, one problem remained: how to display them.

After leaving work yesterday, I stopped by Dollar Tree to have a look around. Walked by the frames, and saw tons of frames that were made to hold three 2.5" x 3.5" photos. FOR $1. I bought 6 frames, filled them up with ACEOs, and called Bo to have him pick up 12 more frames. Most of these will be on display in my sewing room due to the lack of space on walls in the other rooms. So far, I have displayed a few in the living room and kitchen.

[ABOVE]: A trio of ACEOs in my living room. Top and bottom ACEO from Stoopidgerl and middle ACEO from Boopsiedaisy

[ABOVE]: Left set of ACEOs from Dadadreams and the other two are from Boopsiedaisy
I love the way ACEOs look in these frames. More photos to come as I frame the others!
♥ Melissa

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