June 2, 2009

Crafty Feast

Crafty Feast was a huge success for me. Not only did I bring home more cash than ever before, I had lots of fun hanging out in Columbia the night before.

I stayed in the Sheraton Downtown Columbia. The building is a very old bank building that has been turned into a hotel while keeping its original charm [including the vault]. The rate was awesome and I had the room entirely to myself. I did find the flat screen television in the bathroom amusing.

Friday night was spent with Happytrees and her husband. We ate and drank some beer [at a great price] at The Whig and walked ALL OVER downtown Columbia afterward looking for karaoke. Nothing. Walked for what seemed like hours back to The Whig, drank more beer, and SOMEONE [not myself] decided to do shots at 2 am. ;)

Got into bed sometime between 3:30am and 4:00am. Woke up at 7:30am, showered, coffee, and was at the park for Crafty Feast by 9:00am.

We hung out with Debi and her boyfriend at The Whig and had a great time. Great people!

Hopefully Crafty Feast will make a return next year and we'll do this all over again.


debi said...

I had such a great time meeting ya'll! See you next year!

HappyTrees said...

why do shots always seem smart at two a.m.???