June 7, 2009

New hair.

I change my hair color on a regular basis. In the past year, my hair has been black, white, green, and pink.

I've always loved red hair, but red dye and I do not get along. Plus, I'm generally too lazy to keep it touched up. While searching online for the best red hair dye, I came across Loreal HiColor in RED. I then realized that a friend, Xiane had recommended that very color.

Since the color is formulated for dark hair, it did a great job on mine! The total cost was less than $10 [you have to buy the color and the developer]. I do have a few black streaks that were not touched by the color, but those are pieces that were previously dyed black and have yet to grow out. Every piece of my natural hair, however, is very very red! I'm impressed and so very happy to finally have a PERMANENT red red hair dye.

♥ Melissa


Rachel said...

God, isn't red hair such a bitch to keep up with? I love having it red, but it just fades so damn fast! Now I'm back to black.

HappyTrees said...

I love your hair!!! When do I get to see it in person?