June 2, 2009

Possible pattern.

I've been thinking about writing up a pattern for the zip pouches that I make.
True, it is not a hard pattern. However, I am always having people ask how I do them. With this pattern, I could explain each step that I follow and use very detailed photos.
Since there are scores of people who sell zipper pouches, I wouldn't mind if the pattern was used for those who want to make their own pouches and sell them.
I'm thinking that I would charge $4-$5 dollars for the pattern. In doing so, I would offer support for those who purchase the pattern. Also, if the pattern is revised in any way, the revisions will be sent out to those who have previously purchased the pattern.
This is just an idea. I am very flattered that people come to me looking for advice.
And FYI: the zipper insertion is actually very simple! :)
Any thoughts? Yay? Nay?

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