June 2, 2009

Recent Etsy Purchases

A few of my recent Etsy purchases:

Cute kawaii bear pincushion from blackbirdfashion. $16.50

There are many styles available.

I needed a new pincushion. I currently use a magnetized plate for my pins and I'm always sticking myself trying to pick one up. I needed a heavier-weight pincushion [and of course it had to be cute], and this fit the bill.

I can't wait to receive it! :)

Meet Buttercookie from boopsiedaisy. $49.00

Recently, boopsiedaisy put a note in her shop announcement about the addition of a new doll almost daily starting in June. I check her shop on a daily basis to check for new items. This morning, I about jumped out of my seat when I saw Buttercookie! She is amazing. She will make a great addition to my other two dolls, Spidora and Zombina.

Check out these dolls... the workmanship is breathtaking!

TRUNKFOOD Fine Art Print by boopsiedaisy. $22.00

Can you tell I love boopsiedaisy? I have about a BILLION aceos from her and a few prints. Lately, I've noticed the bare walls in my kitchen and knew exactly how to fix that problem. I knew boopsie would have something colorful that would fit perfectly with my kitchen. She's a doll!

The photo doesn't do her work justice. The colors... wow, I really have no words. Just wow.

SKULL CANDY Necklace by stoopidgerl. $25.00

How many necklaces do I have from stoopidgerl? I have no idea. I do know that I cannot quit buying them. Her necklaces are top notch [in my opinion, the best on Etsy], her customer service is impeccable, and her shop is just beautiful to look at. Stoopidgerl's shop is another shop that I check on a daily basis [perhaps even multiple times daily].

If you do not own a stoopidgerl resin necklace, GET ONE!

Binge and Purge Fine Art Print by stoopidgerl. $25.00

This is my very first print purchase from stoopidgerl. As with the boopsiedaisy print, I wanted to add some colorful art to my kitchen and I knew exactly which shops would have what I wanted.

Stoopidgerl, if you're reading this, you rock my socks!!!

Since I'm on a roll, listed below are my favorite shops on Etsy! I guarantee that you'll love the shop, the seller, and any purchase that you make!


♥ Melissa

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