June 3, 2009


For those who know me, it is a FACT that I love being a kid from the 80s. If I could, I would go back and relive those times all over again. Seriously, the 80s had the best toys and cartoons.

Last Friday, I started reminiscing about all the toys I had as a kid. A certain clear vinyl Rainbow Brite umbrella came to mind. This prompted a search on Ebay for that umbrella, but nothing was found. However, during my search, an UNOPENED 1983 Rainbow Brite doll appeared and had 1 day left of bidding. I put in my max bid and received an email over the weekend that I had won the auction for $29. YES, $29! The original price sticker is still on the box. I am so happy and excited about this doll [and I promise NOT to open it].

Soon, I'll try to document all of my toys. I have an extensive collection and I'm lucky to have a room just for my craziness [my crafty/sewing/toy room].

Which toys did you love as a kid? Do tell!

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JulieTew said...

That is awesome!!