June 11, 2009


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I have been having a BLAST putting up new photos and new shelving in my home. My husband and I live in a small 2.5 bedroom [somehow, there's a small room with no closet, but it's big enough for my sewing area], 1 bath home. Our entire home has 2 closets [one in each bedroom] and a small corner closet in the bathroom. We really have no storage room. :(

So, with all of the new shelving I'm putting up, I'm able to display more of my treasures that were once boxed up and put away. I came across these tins and a little kewpie doll that are happy to be out and about. I have 2 Tootsie Pop tins, 1 Sugar Daddy, and 1 Now & Later. They are so adorable.

I also made myself leave the house yesterday to go look around at some thrift shops. I've been holing myself up, and I'm rather enjoying it. For the past 2-3 years, I have burned myself out trying to work 55 hours a week and do everything else that is expected of me. I love to work and do things, but I find that I volunteer myself far too often and now I'm done. I just can't go anymore. Couple that with the recent addition of Yaz to my life [to help regulate horomones], and I feel like a complete whack-job right now. Yikes.

Anyway, these are the small things that make me happy. The items that remind me of being a kid. The trips on my bike to the store at the end of the street to get my mom a pack of cigarettes and myself a 5 cent pack of Now & Laters. I'll be 28 this year and it's weird to think that I can now tell stories like that, haha.

♥ Melissa

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